Demi Lovato: Oh God. No, thank you!

Taylor Launter  och Demi Lovato såg ju tillsammans på Nickelodien Kids Choose Awards, och när hon fick frågan om hon skulle kunna tänka sig att dejta Taylor svarade hon så här:

"Hold please, oh God. No, thank you! He is not for me," Demi tells TWIST exclusively. "He seems more like a heartthrob type. I am more of a musician girl. He would have to rough up a little bit for me to date him!"

"TWIST reported earlier today about Demi Lovato's recent Twitter update, telling fans about the song she just finished, calling out one "orange, egotistical, young Hollywood actor, who thinks he's the new heartthrob in town..." Who could it be? Our guess is Twilight breakout star Taylor Lautner!"

LIte senare på sin Twitter skriver hon: "Taylor Lautner is not Orange. It's not him. Most of you probably don't even know him."

Dom har ju för helvete samma hudfärg... Nej, just det, det var ju inte han.. ;)


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