Edi vill med till Italien

Edi Gathegi, våran Laurent, vill följa med till Italien trots at inga av hans scener filmas där.

Edi Gathegi really wants to go to Italy with Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart.

The New Moon actor thinks it would be so cool to tag along even though none of his scenes are set there.

Edi told Collider.com: "I should go to Italy."

Edi was asked if he had a particular New Moon scene that he was looking forward to shooting.

He replied: "Yeah. My scene in the meadow, it's like my meadow. It's like my character is no longer conflicted about where his badness lies."

Edi can't believe that he will be promoting New Moon in just a few months time.

He found the Twilight promotional tour really strange: "(It was) insane. The power of Twilight. Everything we did, if we stood up they screamed, if we showed our stomachs they screamed."


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