Inspelning hemma hos Bella ikväll :)

Crazies=Twilightfans, bara så alla  vet xD

The structure is nothing but a shell meant for exterior shots, but it requires around-the-clock security to keep rabid fans from doing damage to it.

It has a chimney made of flimsy styrofoam, after all.

Imported trees and rearranged telephone poles help make things look authentic, too.

Filming at the site will begin tonight (Friday), the Now has learned. City-issued signs warn of road closures starting April 24.

"I don't like going to the film sets when they're shooting," [one woman from Burnaby visiting the house] said, "because there are too many crazies hiding in the trees and everywhere."

When filming starts in South Surrey, huge black screens will serve to block views of the action

Och för ett par dagar sen syntes tydligen en vit/grå varg på inspelningen :)


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