Inte så kul iallafall...

Tänk er att ett film team kom till din skola och uppförde sig som om dom ägde stället. Så har det varit på David Thompson Secondery school i Vancouver i två dagar. New Moon filmteamet var tydligen inte särskillt trevliga... En av eleverna där skrev ett brev till The Vancouver Sun, och dom postade det på sin hemsida.

New Moon filming sucked the lifeblood out of school
The Twilight fans who wish scenes from New Moon had been filmed at their school should think twice. I know I speak for other students at David Thompson secondary school in east Vancouver as well when I say we are so glad the New Moon crew has gone.

It seemed pretty cool at first, but when you mix in the hottest celebrities with a horrible film crew, the school turns into chaos. Closing the cafeteria for two days, taking over the foyer and forcing students to make detours and stop dead in our tracks during our break and lunch because they were filming a big-shot movie was not cool.

If they had wanted us to be quiet, perhaps they should've thought that through before taking over our school for two days. The crew acting like our school was theirs didn't help either.

I'm also sure many staff and students did not appreciate outside stalker fans coming into the school trying to get a glimpse of Spunk Ransom either. Famous people are humans, too; they'd appreciate privacy just like you would.

Ashley Chow


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Jaha, vad säger man om det??

Det var tydligen inte bara på skolan man uppförde sig så...

"Last week the production tried to keep me back by claiming that they owned Burnaby Park while shooting there," said Rik Fedyck, one of Vancouver's most successful paparazzi. "They said their permit gave them the whole park," he laughs, "I checked their permit with City Hall and it was only for the parking lot in the public park."

Postat av: J

Men det är dålig stil! Visst om det är massa skrikirga, klängande fans men inte sådär! Fy på dom!

2009-04-20 @ 22:31:37
Postat av: Malin

Jag skulle bara gilla det, hur dem än betedde sig. Jag sulle skolka för att få se dem filma

2009-07-05 @ 20:11:39

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