Meet the Cast- the wolfpack

Reezchannel har en uppföljar till sina Volturiprofiler förra veckan. Denna gången med the pack :)

Chaske Spencer

Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley

Where you've seen him: In the TV movie Dreamkeeper and briefly in the mini-series Into the West.

In New Moon: Spencer is playing Sam, the first of the new-generation wolves and leader of the pack. He used to date Leah, then imprinted and got engaged to Emily Young. Responsible and strong, he's the perfect Alpha.

Verdict: He looks tough enough to play the part, and at least has some acting experience. Whether he'll be better than Solomon Trimble, we'll let the fans decide.

Läs resten här.

Postat av: Anonym

men gud, du är ju helt jävla besatt..

2009-04-28 @ 18:52:50

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