Ashley och Taylor intervju har två intervjuer med Ashley Greene och Taylor Lautner.

As a guy, were you like psyched about prom or did you not really care either way if you went?

(Taylor) No, I was excited, I was really excited. You always watch a prom in movies growing up, and then it's like, "Oh, wow, I'm at prom!" It was a cool experience. But, yeah, I tried to stay in school as long as I could. I went to a public school my whole life until this year. I'm doing a TV show on NBC ["My Own Worst Enemy"], so I would just be missing too much [school], so I tested out of high school and now I'm in college.                 
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Did you go to your prom?

(Ashley) I didn't go to my own senior prom but I went to the prom of my boyfriend at the time. My high school sweetheart, I went to his senior prom. That was really fun.              
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