Igen Seth i NM?

Koa Orquia, som har sökt en roll i New Moon, skriver( på sin mySpace blogg) att alla rykten om Solomon Trimble, Sam, är falska.

"Solomon Trimble (Sam Uley) is seriously a cool kid.

After conversing with him for an hour or so, I've learned a lot about him.

All the rumors you've been hearing about Solomon Trimble not being casted as Sam because of his religious beliefs, are NOT true. Yes I believed those rumors too, but it was clarified in our conversation today that he would "Shave his eyebrows off" for the role again. And just so everyone knows, The rumor about him not wanting to cut his hair is false. He actually cut his hair recently."

Sen har han även publicerat ett melj från The Casting Director för New Moon:

"Hi Koa - I totally understand where you are coming from. At present, we do not have instructions to cast "Seth" for NEW MOON - but that does not mean that the role will not appear - just that he does not appear in the current draft of the script. These scripts evolve throughout pre-production...characters get added - characters disappear.... My advice to you would be to audition for one of the available characters in the "wolf pack" and at the end of your audition do a separate, brief interview on the tape, explaining to the filmmakers how the role of "Seth" has resonated with you and let them know that this is the role you are interested in... Now is the best time to really get "in the mix"... as, if you wait - the filmmakers may see someone else that they like and get attached to the idea of that actor for "Seth"... regardless of whether the character appears in NEW MOON or a future film. Does that seem reasonable? Let me know if you are still interested and I will send you the audition material when it's available."


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