Jackson Rathbone

Teen Mag frågade Jackson Rathbone, Jasper Hale, blanad annat om han gillade att förändra sitt utseende för Jasper.

"I really enjoyed it. I was always a character actor when I was in theatre. I kind of find that it helps the audience, especially with Jasper.

I mean I'm not actually blonde so I had to bleach my hair blonde. I'm fairly pale. I'm more of an indoor sports kind of guy.

I'm a musician so I spent most of my time awake at night and in the recording studio tucked away from the sun.

But I really do love to change appearances for a lot of the characters I play."

Han har också sagt till Seventeen att han över väldigt beskyddnade över sin syster ;)

"When it comes to my sisters' boyfriends, I'm either cool with them or my sisters know that I hate them. I'm pretty blunt with them and to the point.

Back in high school, there were a couple of boys my sisters had and man, I let them know I didn't like them.

I was pretty upfront but my dad always had it right. Whenever my sisters brought them over to the house for the first time, he'd be teaching me how to clean the shotguns."

Haha, gulligt :)


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