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A lot of girls all over the world have fallen in love with Twilight.

Yes, it's a story that can grab you easily because it has a magnetism that makes you become obssessed with it. It makes you want to read the whole thing and you're not happy until you're done with the last page.

When you were reading the books, was there a scene that you looked forward to filming?
Yes, I imagined the whole scene when Bella learns the truth about Edward. The whole plot is about struggling. Struggling to find out more about him, struggling to make him know that Bella knows what he is and she doesn't mind. When he finally reveals himself it's a really cool thing because he's afraid to show himself as what he really is. And I loved how they comunicated without words. I think it's the best scene.

What kind of person is Bella?
I like her weakness. That's my favorite thing about her because she presents herself as the victim, the damsel in distress and that's what the whole relationship is about. The dynamic is fun, he's a vampire and he could drain all her blood, but she's not affraid of him.

Can you relate with her?
She's a typical girl. I relate to her because of her personal strength. She has her convictions very defined, so when she believes in something she defends it.

Where you affraid of filming this movie?
No (laughs), there were tons of people watching. I experiences a lot of strong emotions with the story so I had a very weird energy the whole day. I was drained by the end of the day.

You're acting the whole time as though you were affraid, is that a hard thing to do?
Yes, it's a lot of work. It was funny because we filmed the final scene of the movie first. The climax of the whole movie! It's everything that happens in the ballet studio in the end where she realizes that she's in danger and her whole world crumbles down.

This movie could be really important for your career, did anyone give you special advice?
I know. When you start to work on a new movie you start to imagine that it'll do great and you'll have more recognition from the public, people start recognizing you more, they remember your face, your name. I thought that I was going to be okay and I tried not think too much about it. Nobody prepared me for it.

Who would you have chosen? The good guy or the bad guy?
(laughs) Well, if I had to choose between the characters of the movie, I would choose Edward because I know he wouldn't hurt me.

Why do you think vampires are so sexy?
I think they're classic. They're made to draw you in so you'll fall on their claws, and when they get you, they'll bite you. You let yourself be wrapped by their charms, they're like the forbidden fruit.

What would you do if you found a vampire?
I would try to be careful of what I think, because they can read minds.

Could you fall in love with one?
That would be weird. They create a magical chemical reaction. There's a curiosity for them that doesn't exist, it's not real.

So you don't believe in love at first sight?
That's not what I said! (laughs).

You're a teenager but you're very mature for your age.
I've always had a sense of responsability with myself and I think that's a part of feeling like an adult.

Robert Pattinson

Where you intrigued by vampires?
Not really. I think it's weird the obssession some people have with them. I only read Dracula when I was filming the movie.

How do you feel about having so many girls following you around?
It's scary because it's something that it hadn't happened to me before. Twilight fans are very loyal to the book and to Stephenie Meyer. I had a 100% negative reaction from fans when I got the role of Edward.

For everything. Edward is some sort of perfect creature, the ideal guy. And fans wanted a guy like Leonardo DiCaprio, but Edward is suppossed to be 17. When I met Stephenie Meyer, she aproved me for the character and literally the next day all the fans changed their minds and accepted me.

It must be hard trying to be so perfect.
It is. First I read the book and I thought there was no way that I could play and create all those perfect descriptions of Edward. Nobody in the world could have rbought to life someone so awesome. Then I read the script and auditioned with Kristen, and she acted in a very unexpected way. She gave strength to Bella so that made Edward's character a little bit more weak, and I took it from there. He, being some kind of demon, is completely taken with her. She dominates him.

How do you feel about being in such a blockbuster hit like Harry Potter and now in Twilight?
To be honest, I never thought of this when I got the role. Harry Potter was my first chance of reaching an audience and now this movie has become very successful too. It was very unexpected.

Have you been harder on yourself, since you're playing such a perfect character?
Not really. I didn' try to be perfect, I based him off on celebrities like James Dean, people with an endless charm. In this movie he's very chivalrous, but I tried to make him sexier in the movie. I used the fact that I'm a vampire, I want people to think I'm mysterious and dangerous at the same time.

Do you think you've become a paparazzi target?
Yes, literally. It's so weird.

So they recognize you more now?
Yes, I don't know if it's because I have this annoying hair. Actually I need to cut my hair, everybody knows who I am based on my hair, but they don't even know my name.

Do you have your hair that long for a reason?
We're shooting New Moon soon. I'd love to get a buzz cut but I'm not sure. Plus, if I audition for something there will be people wanting to see some longer hair.

How did you get into acting?
I've never went to acting school. One day my dad was at a restaurant and he saw a bunch of pretty girls, so he asked them where were they goin to and they said Teater club, so my dad told me I had to go there. It was so embarrassing.

How did you get to Hollywood?
I looked for a manager after Harry Potter. Last year I was in a movie in which I played Salvador Dalí and I took it very seriously. When I came back to London I wanted to do something else, I auditioned and three days later I was hired for Twilight.

What were your dreams before you got into acting?
I wanted to be a pianist and play in London pubs.

There's a song by you in the soundtrack, are you planning on releasing an album?
I'm not releasing an album, that would be too much!

Is there an actor that you look up to?
I've always been obssesed with Jack Nicholson. But I prefer 70's movies and I like James Dean's style, he's amazing.


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