Solomon Trimble intervju

SIMPLY TWILIGHT: If you could give advice to anyone or any age about any topic, what would it be?

SOLOMON TRIMBLE: It sounds corny but, stay in school

SIMPLY TWILIGHT: There was talk about you publishing some of your poetry and I wondered if it were true and where the book(s) could be purchased.

SOLOMON TRIMBLE: I've written allot of poetry over the last eight years and yes I am trying to publish a book or two. I have yet to find the publisher I want, I have a very specific Idea of what I want. So there's no place to buy it yet but I assume when I find the publisher I want then it should be available at any commercial book store.

Where does the inspiration to write your poetry come from?

SOLOMON TRIMBLE: I try to let it come from anywhere. I also try to let each poem sound completely unrelated to an others I've written. I was really into Edgar Alan Poe for a while but found myself only able to write depressing or melancholy poems. Now I just free-write until I come across a line that I like or an idea, then start from there.

What was you favorite part about the preparations you made for the role of ‘Sam Uley' in the twilight film?

SOLOMON TRIMBLE: I'd say learning of Quileute language and their history. I was amazed to learn that the Quileute pay homage to the bear as much as they do the wolf. I also really wanted to understand the average teenage Quileute lifestyle. I got to pull a few boys aside, away from their elders, and asked them what they really do outside of school and home. It helped when I worked with wardrobe to dress the Quileute boys for the beach scene. So I guess it was meeting the Quileute and sharing traditions.

What is the hardest/most emotional lesson that you have learned about life and how did you figure it out? Have you figured it out?

SOLOMON TRIMBLE:This is a deep question. I have learned that no matter the goal, that I am the only obstacle that needs to be overcome. I figured this out after studying the talents I wanted most for myself, guitar, piano and poetry.

We know that you have studied dance throughout your life. What types of dance have you studied, do you continue to do, and what is your favorite overall?

SOLOMON TRIMBLE: I've danced Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Tango, meringue and of course Native American dance. I miss dancing tap most of all but my favorite is grass dancing.

SIMPLY TWILIGHT: what are your favorite and least favorite parts about being an actor

SOLOMON TRIMBLE:My favorite part about being an actor is to see my hard work on screen. My least favorite is the time constraint that film has, some times you only get one shot and one take to get something right.

SIMPLY TWILIGHT:what sort of process do you go through to prepare for your roles?

SOLOMON TRIMBLE: I paraphrase the lines by improvising lines I add to a script, then when the time comes I read the script as it is written and the intentions of my added lines comes through the original ones. I also study the character's background to better write improved lines.

Questions from our friends at Team Solomon:

- Do you think Sam's such a strong leader because he feels like an "undeserving alpha", and never wants to look anyone else in the eyes to see that level of disappointment, after Leah... lol, or not?

SOLOMON TREMBLE: I don't think it's due to Leah. He doesn't look at Leah for many reason,s I think. I don't think he wants to look at her out of fear it might strike up an unwanted conversation, and talking to Leah may cause drama with Emily or just hurt Leah further; also culturally Native American's in the northwest don't look a person directly in the eyes out of respect. I understand the question though; I think he's a strong leader in the wolf pack due to the fact that every pack member that is not Jacob understands that Sam is leading out of necessity and compassion, not just because of bloodline. I think the pack members can relate to Sam's position more than Jacobs. Sam just wants to lead to protect his family and friends.

- Do you think what Sam is offering to Emily is much different to what he once offered Leah? If so, how is it different and why do you think it is?

SOLOMON TREMBLE:I think maybe Sam offered Leah a way out of a life she wanted saving from, that's why she's so mad at him. I don't really have an answer for the Emily part though; I mean there is no better offer than to find your soul mate.

- We've heard lots of rumors about your preparation for Sam in New Moon, that you've been bulking up and donated your cut hair to "Locks for Love" - is there any truth to this and/or would you be willing to?

SOLOMON TREMBLE:Yeah I've been bulking up. I've spent way too much money on a physical trainer. In addition, I've been taking a lot of weight gainer and eating about three to four pounds of chicken a day... I hate chicken now! As for the hair thing, yes I cut some of it, but I did not donate it. There is a cultural paradox for me and "Locks for Love", I am to burn any hair when I cut it for specific reasons, but I would also like to donate to such a great cause. For now I have it kept in a safe place until I decide what to do.


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