Jackson snackar New Moon

"We wondered if he noticed a big difference with the vibe on set having a new director with Chris Weitz replacing Hardwicke and with the added pressure of making a sequel to such a big hit. "Whenever we got back to film 'New Moon,' the first day I was back, all the cast was hanging out in Peter Facinelli's room and it was just like a family reunion. It was like we'd been away for a month; it didn't seem like a year. It was just really nice to kind of get back together and have that family environment. In terms of having a new director, nothing really changed too much. It was just a different subtle vibe, because the director manages the energy on set. It was great. We all wanted to come together and make another great piece of art for the fans. It's really about what they want to see, because they're the ones buying the tickets."

Jacksons nya intervju med shocktillyoudrop.com är ganska kort, men han hinner ta upp hur den var att filma Twilight, innan det blev sån hype och när Edward kastar in honom i pianot. Och tydligen är det bara början av scenen... Läs resten här.

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