Twilight kryssning xD

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No, this isn't a joke and two of the stars of Twilight are actually partaking in this insanity.

Ever wanted to trap yourself in an enclosed space with 1,000 other Twilight fans and freeze your ass off while circling Alaska?!

Then pack your bags and whip out your wallets because your dreams can come true!

There is an actual Twilight Cruise ready to set sail in 2010 that leaves from the novel's beloved state of Washington and circles around Alaska and British Columbia. For a very steep price, you can embark on this seven day cruise and rub elbows with fellow fans and stars Ashley Green and Kellan Lutz, or as they are now known as, Alice and Emmett Cullen.

The itinerary promises to include autograph sessions, a charity auction, and a costume ball.

This sounds just...awful!

But we can guess it will bring in mucho dinero! Nowadays, shove the word Twilight on anything, even a boat, and girls will be running from every direction.

Would U pay to hang out on a boat full of Twilighters?



Såå, hade du kunnat tänka dig att åka på Twilightkryssning? Läs mer här.


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