MTV intervju med Kristen

MTV: Kristen, now that you've made it through the chaos of the first "Twilight" exploding onto the scene, what will you carry with you into the making of the next films?

Kristen Stewart: To be honest, the difference in doing a big movie or a small movie for me, the biggest difference has been in promoting it. The making of the movie is [simpler]; shooting a movie, whether it's on a large scale or small scale, it's the same thing once you actually get in front of the camera. But promoting the film is a different story. Everybody puts so much weight on everything that you say, and I'm not too good at expressing myself. To talk about something that you're so vested in and put your whole life into all the time - I just really care about [acting], and I've realized that it's a bigger job than I thought it was gonna be.

MTV: But you still look forward to it?

Stewart: I look forward to all of it. We're just starting prep on "New Moon," and it's almost like a more elaborate version of the first one. It's getting bigger and bigger, which is great. I mean, it's what we all hoped for.

MTV: When you were doing press for "Twilight," you made a point of saying you couldn't read "New Moon" until it came time to shoot. So have you read it now?

Stewart: Oh yeah, we're heavily entrenched. We're in the middle of it. We're in the midst.

MTV: Summit recently announced a release date of June 30, 2010, for "Eclipse." Some fans say it's too close to the "New Moon" release date in November. What do you think?

Stewart: I think they should come out as soon as possible. I think it's better that they're coming out on top of each other. I mean, you could think of it, like, maybe you should tease people and give it to them maybe a year later. But I think the stories are so directly attached to one another that it's good that people aren't going to have so much time in between to forget about it.

Postat av: frida

sv, haha japp men asså jag har inte skrivt hela själv grundiden kommer ifrån love atually. inte för att du kanske ville veta men ändå...

2009-03-08 @ 10:09:45
Postat av: Olivia

SV: Om du gör det så kommer du vara plattare än en tapet!

2009-03-08 @ 10:16:52
Postat av: Anonym

sv; tack för att du kommenterade. FÖr övrigt så älskar jag din blogg design. Kan någon typ hjälpa mig att kunna göra såna bilder som just din men såklart ingen kopia hehe! ska vi prenumera på varanns?

2009-03-08 @ 17:26:35

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