Little ashes artikel :) har en artikel om Robs nya film Little Ashes.

"Twilight fans won't have to wait until New Moon hits theaters to see Robert Pattinson's pretty face on the big screen again. On May 8th, Pattinson will star in Little Ashes, an independent film about the life of world-renowned Spanish artist Salvador Dali...and got a special sneak peek at the new movie!  Watch the movie trailer above.

The role is a decidedly grown-up-and slightly racy-one for the actor best known as Edward Cullen. The movie, set in the 1920s and 1930s, follows the love affair between Dali and the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, who is played by a smoldering Javier Beltran. Of course, that means a handful of steamy makeout sessions between the two male actors. In their memorable first love scene, the two of them go for a midnight swim in their underwear, where they share a passionate kiss under the moon.  "

Läs hela och se trailern här.


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