Melissan Rosenberg om New Moon

Intervju med Melissa Rosenberg Vampires And Slayers.

What would you say is the difference between Bella's relationship with Edward and the one developing between her and Jacob?

Jacob is very much the human 17-year-old, and Edward is the hundred-year-old, and you've got the difference between this guy, Jacob, who's very earthbound and human in his own way. Even the difference between them is physical: one is ice cold and the other is running at 108 degrees temperature at all times. One (Jacob) is very immediate and displays very emotional responses, the other is very cool and thought out, and has been alive for a hundred years, so he doesn't act very impulsively or rashly. With Edward, everything is very thought out and contained and there is an elegance to him and a sophistication to him. So that's a very attractive thing about him, as well as his contained sensuality. Whereas with Jacob there is an abrupt passion bursting out. It is the two sides of all of us in some ways. I think that the choice between the two of them is the otherworldly or the earthly.


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