Officiella nyheter om Italienfilmingen

Eagle Pictures har skickat ut ett detta:

  In a few days to complete the cast arrives in Italy to turn Montepulciano two chapters in the book NEW MOON, second episode of the Twilight saga, is set in Volterra. The course will be set blindatissimo.

Tomorrow [today, ndr.] Pattinson flying from Cannes to Rome. Then will drive to Montepulciano. Filming Italian start on set May 26 and end on 29th This is the cast list of a hill

  • Kristen Stewart - Bella
  • Robert Pattinson - Edward
  • Ashley Greene - Alice Cullen
  • Daniel Cudmore - FELIX - Volturi
  • Charlie Bewley - DEMETRA - Volturi
  • Dakota Fanning - JANE - Volturi
  • Chris Weitz - Director

On May 30 there will be in Montepulciano a gathering of all the Italian twilighters, expected more than 5,000 girls. Many are from ‘broad there are those who come even from Japan. There is no longer a free hotel within a radius of 20 km.

Meanwhile, the historic center of Montepulciano is preparing to receive the set.

L ‘Androne Hall Michelozzo attributed to the great Florentine Renaissance architect, and the famous cloister were painted dark red, under the attentive eyes of the technicians and the' administration. For weeks the girls will file photograph in front of the ‘hall.

Piazza Grande was just the fountain described in the book, it is 7 meters long and made of wood and paper.


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