RPattz intervju :)

Robert Pattison har gjort e ny intervju med movefone :)

12. How's the energy on 'New Moon' compared to 'Twilight,' because for 'Twilight' no one was sure if it was going to do well and now, obviously ...

Yeah, it's scary. It's a very, very different experience. Last time we were just kind of ... it was so easy to get the entire cast together. We'd all have dinner almost every day and be able to talk about it freely and stuff. Now it's quite difficult to even leave the hotel. And all these random little stories become someway, somehow newsworthy, so you have to be very secretive about everything. Even if you want to just clarify something in the script or something. It's just strange. It's just very different ... It's very strange when you're aware of being observed, I guess.

13. Is that similar to how it was when you were filming 'Potter'?

Oh, no, not at all. The thing about 'Potter,' because everyone was so young, there weren't really any [gossip] stories. Plus, the way we were shooting it was so impossible to get any pictures or anything. It was so, so private. And by the time I was working on it, everyone working there had worked there for about five or six years anyway, so they all knew each other. So nothing was really newsworthy. There wasn't a lot happening. It seems that on [the 'Twilight' movies], maybe because they're a little bit older, it seems like every single day there's a new story coming out. I also think that's it's because all of these sort of blog sites have become way more popular in the last few years than they were then. And I guess that's where most of the gossipy things go to.

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