Kristen på väg till photoshoot

Tillsammans med sitt Joan Jett hår.

Och en fråga: Är det bara jag som tycker att hennes hår är snyggt? För jag är inne på x antal skvallersidor varje dag, för att leta info om Twilight- skådisar, och på bl.a så är det en massa kommentarer i stil med: Gud vad ful hon har blivit! Hoppas det är en peruk!

Och svar till Anonym: Nurse Jackie grejen hör hit p.g.a att Peter Facinelli är med i serien!

Kristens nya frisyr

Kristen har klippt sig, för din roll i The Runaway, med bl.a Dakota Fanning.

Väntar på att se det nersläppt, men det ser skitbra ut uppsatt :)

Best Save: Kristen Stewart

Entertainment Weekly har listat höjdpunkterna på MTV Movie Awards, och Kristens Popcorntappning hamnade under "Best Save"

Kristen tappar sitt pris xD

20 stars that weren't even born...

.. when empire started. Kristen är listad nr 18 på empires lista över de 20  stjärnor som inte var födda när tidningen gjordes.

Se det här.

Vem såg Panic Room igårkväll?

Som rubriken: vem såg Panic Room igårkväll? Jag gjorde, och det är faktiskt en av dom bästa filmerna jag har sett :)

Panic Room ikväll!

Ikväll blir det igen hockey. För på ettan visar dom nämligen panic room med Kristen Stewart kl 21.00. Inte missa :)

Kortfilm med Kristen och Dakota

Kristen, Blake, några andra...

Omslaget till Vanity Fair för några månader sen...

Hahaha, OMG!

Fan vad jag skrattar åt dessa bilderna xD

Michael Angarano Kristen Stewart 

Se resten av dom på

Kristen anlädner till New Moon Set :)

Hittade den på :)

Tips om du inte vill bli hörselskadad; SÄNK VOLYMEN!

Ny Kristen Stewart intervju

USA Today har en intervju med Kristen Stewart om hennes nya film Advrntureland. Men hon pratar också om hur kändisskapet påverkar henne :)
Another thing that makes her stop in mid-sentence: teenage girls. A group enters the restaurant, and Stewart abruptly shuts up until they pass. She apologizes, a little embarrassed, and whispers: "If those type of girls saw me talking about Twilight, you don't understand. If I said ‘Jacob' too loud, they'd be like -" She makes her eyes wide and sticks her hands out like claws.

"More than three girls of that certain age - run away," she says, laughing as the threat settles in a distant part of the patio. "Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the (crap) out of me."

She says Pattinson gets it worse. "They covet him. I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me," she jokes.

It doesn't help that many Twilight-ers want her and Pattinson to be a real-life couple. She's actually dating Michael Angarano, 21, whom she co-starred with in the 2004 drama Speak.

"It doesn't make my relationship harder. It's not like, ‘Maybe I should be with (Pattinson) to make them happy and it'll make me more popular!' " Stewart laughs, adding that her real boyfriend "is totally not a threatened guy. But, dude, it sucks."

Läs resten här.

Kristen och Jesse intervju..

En Q%A med Kristen Stewart och hennes motspelare Jesse Eisenberg från Advebtureland...

OK, Jesse, let's cut to the chase: Does Kristen now come with an entourage of 100 and a personal masseuse, after the whole "Twilight" thing blew up?
Oh, no, no. Kristen's a modest, private person. Although, we were at the Sundance Festival and there were some girls running after her. But no.

The film is being pimped out as "From the director of Superbad." Does that work for the film?
I think if people expect reproductions of the same movie from any given filmmaker, then maybe not. But it's still very real. Even in "Superbad," you could feel for the characters, it has that same feel: funny situations rooted in characters that you're invested in.

JE: It never undermines the characters for the sake of the comedy. So I think in that way, it's pretty similar.

Läs hela här.

.. har en kort artikel, plus några bilder, om Kristens beöks hos Jimmy Kimmel igårkväll. Läs den här.

Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel

Igårkväll gästade Kristen Stewart Jimmy Kimmel. Check it out!

Är det Kristen Stewart?

Letade igentligen efter ett klipp på Gathegi, men så hittar jag detta! Pausa på 0.9 och berätta för mig om ni tycker det är likt Kristen Stewart. Tycker nämligen det är skitlikt. Men jag har inte hört något om att hon skulla vara med i House...

Kristen intervju

Q: You met some girls who suffer from this terminal illness. What did you take away from that?

A: Not to sound totally cliché about a disease movie, but all the girls I met have a resistance to any sort of patronizing and any box that you want to put them in. It's overwhelmingly inspiring to meet them. It's about not letting your life end. To them it's like they're different and so they're going to have to live a different life. But it can still be great. I could identify with that.
Q: Your character is very outspoken. Are you like that?
A: Georgia is all about the truth. She really calls everything by its right name. She's very honest. I'm honest but I don't think I have as much to say as she does. But I'm free with my words when I believe in something, I guess. 

Q: Were you shocked when Catherine Hardwicke was replaced as director of the next Twilight movie?

A: It wasn't like it was a big bomb that was dropped. It wasn't such a shock. To be honest, I don't know about the inner workings of whatever was going on within the studio. But everybody has creative integrity and everybody has to be on the same page when you're making a movie. And in this case, Catherine and Summit just agreed that it was the best thing to do for her to move on. It wasn't like, 'You're fired!'
Q: The Twilight DVD is coming out soon. There is a lot of curiosity. What can we expect?

A: We did an audio commentary. And I can't wait for everyone to see it. Literally, there wasn't a day that went by that we didn't have camera crews on set, so I'm sure that they have hours of footage to cut together for the eager audience. 

Q: Talk about systems overload, in the midst of filming the next two Twilight movies, we hear you're also going to be starring as Joan Jett in The Runaways?

A: Yes. We'll be shutting down for eight weeks in between New Moon and Eclipse and that's when I'll do it. Right now I'm just listening to Joan's music all the time. I spent New Year's with her. 
Q: Everyone wants to know what she's like.

A: She's so cool, one of the nicest, most soulful women I've ever met. And so many people love and admire her. It's an immense responsibility to play a real person, one of the most intimidating things that I've ever had to confront. Her story is an incredibly triumphant, feminist story. The main thing that Joan talked about was just how much she cared about the days when she was a teenager and started singing with The Runaways. She told me that the band was what started her entire life.  
Q: Will you be singing or lip-syncing her songs?
A: I don't want to speak out of place. I really hope to be able to actually perform the music, but I just don't know yet. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you guys soon.
Q: Like some of the characters you've played, have you had problems coping with your teen years?

A: I don't think so. I have sort of a picture perfect family. My parents are awesome and my brothers are like my best friends. But you change. You're so yourself when you're a little kid, and then you turn 13 and all of a sudden you are concerned about what you look like and you have all these insecurities. But, then, after you go through the different stages there's like a sort of triumphant, 'I'm done with that, and I'm becoming who I am.' That's where I am now, I think.

Kristen & Dakota = BFF:s?

"I can't wait to actually work with her," the 18-year-old Stewart told us after hearing the Fanning news. "We aren't BFFs yet, but hopefully."

Bläddra fram till ungefär 2:15 om du bara vill se Dakota snacket.

MTV intervju med Kristen

MTV: Kristen, now that you've made it through the chaos of the first "Twilight" exploding onto the scene, what will you carry with you into the making of the next films?

Kristen Stewart: To be honest, the difference in doing a big movie or a small movie for me, the biggest difference has been in promoting it. The making of the movie is [simpler]; shooting a movie, whether it's on a large scale or small scale, it's the same thing once you actually get in front of the camera. But promoting the film is a different story. Everybody puts so much weight on everything that you say, and I'm not too good at expressing myself. To talk about something that you're so vested in and put your whole life into all the time - I just really care about [acting], and I've realized that it's a bigger job than I thought it was gonna be.

MTV: But you still look forward to it?

Stewart: I look forward to all of it. We're just starting prep on "New Moon," and it's almost like a more elaborate version of the first one. It's getting bigger and bigger, which is great. I mean, it's what we all hoped for.

MTV: When you were doing press for "Twilight," you made a point of saying you couldn't read "New Moon" until it came time to shoot. So have you read it now?

Stewart: Oh yeah, we're heavily entrenched. We're in the middle of it. We're in the midst.

MTV: Summit recently announced a release date of June 30, 2010, for "Eclipse." Some fans say it's too close to the "New Moon" release date in November. What do you think?

Stewart: I think they should come out as soon as possible. I think it's better that they're coming out on top of each other. I mean, you could think of it, like, maybe you should tease people and give it to them maybe a year later. But I think the stories are so directly attached to one another that it's good that people aren't going to have so much time in between to forget about it.

NylonTV med Kristen- lång version

Vissa av er har nog redan sett det, för det är ganska gammalt,  men jag hade inte sett den långa versionen, så här kommer den :)

Det är bland annat denna intervjun som hon har fått så mkt skit för. Läs hela intervjun här.

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