Emma (Watson) om Rob :)

Tydligen så förutsåg Emma Watson, Hermione Granger i Harry Potter filmerna, att Rob skulle bli nått stort ;)

"Nevertheless, Watson said she was thrilled to see her hunky "Goblet of Fire" and "Order of the Phoenix" co-star graduate to become one of Hollywood's most promising young leading men since, well, Daniel Radcliffe. "Obviously, I know Rob," she explained. "I'm just gob-smacked by the level of excitement and hype around ‘Twilight.' I'm very happy for Rob that it's been so successful."

And although RPattz likes to play up his shock and confusion over all those shrieking, Sharpie-waving fans, Emma insisted that she knew all along that he'd someday become like the Beatles all rolled into one. "Of course I did; he is incredibly handsome!" she grinned. "He is a very, very handsome man, so I'm not too surprised."

Men hon har inte sett filmen :) Läs resten här.

Postat av: Anonym

Älskar henne verkligen, är ett stort fan av Emma Watson! <3

2009-04-21 @ 15:38:42

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