Ashley Greene i nytt projekt

Orginalet är en fransk film som heter LOL, och bl. a Ashley Greene, Miley Cyrus och Demi Moore ska medverka. (Filmen är alltså en re- make).

Tryck här för att läsa om vad filmen handlar om.

Ashley Greene och Adrian Greiner

Enligt en hel drös med källor så har Ashley Greene och Adrain Greiner umgåtts väldigt mkt under helgen. E!News tyckte detta var väldigt intresant så här kommer en liten video som dom publicerat.

Ashley Greene lär sig surfa :)

Ashley var på Oakley Learn to Ride fueled by Muscle Milk - Surf Camp och Oakley Learn to Ride fueled by Muscle Milk - Closing Ceremony igår. Lion_Lamb har 29 bilder från detta :)

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Lite Ashley grejer..

Sjukt söt är hon :)

Papparazzi's kamera fastnar i Ashelys bil

Säger bara: så går det när man har stalker som jobb... xD

Twilight kryssning xD

Så här skriver

No, this isn't a joke and two of the stars of Twilight are actually partaking in this insanity.

Ever wanted to trap yourself in an enclosed space with 1,000 other Twilight fans and freeze your ass off while circling Alaska?!

Then pack your bags and whip out your wallets because your dreams can come true!

There is an actual Twilight Cruise ready to set sail in 2010 that leaves from the novel's beloved state of Washington and circles around Alaska and British Columbia. For a very steep price, you can embark on this seven day cruise and rub elbows with fellow fans and stars Ashley Green and Kellan Lutz, or as they are now known as, Alice and Emmett Cullen.

The itinerary promises to include autograph sessions, a charity auction, and a costume ball.

This sounds just...awful!

But we can guess it will bring in mucho dinero! Nowadays, shove the word Twilight on anything, even a boat, and girls will be running from every direction.

Would U pay to hang out on a boat full of Twilighters?



Såå, hade du kunnat tänka dig att åka på Twilightkryssning? Läs mer här.

Ashley intervju

Hon berättar bland annat om "the fightscene" och lite hur hon tränar :)

Ash i L.A

Also mentioning that there are those who feel she's too tall to be playing Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" series, Greene says: "Oh yes. But you know what? That, out of everything - I've heard some things and seen some things - and out of everything I think I'm very fortunate as far as that being the complaint. I was like, 'Listen guys, there are no other girls who are five foot who portrays Alice. It's a fictional character.' Which I'm sure they wish there was some 5'2" girl or whatnot. But if that's the biggest complaint, I'm okay. And then of course the hair thing, but they wigged me into that. That was good and that worked out."

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Ashely Greene hälsar till finska fans :)

Och sen måste jag bara posta denna, så rolig :)

En annan Ashley intervju

Intervju med Ashley Greene från For Joseph grejen hon och Kellan gjorde igår.


En annan video på lion_lamb :)

Här snackar Ashey Greene om porshen, the birthday scene mm. Anledningen till att jag inte lägger upp dessa videorna här är att varenda gång jag försöker så slutar internet att funka. Alla sidor jag har uppe, allting, stängs ner.. :(

Anyway, se videon här.

Ashley och Kellan på For Joseph Fashion Event

Ashley Greene och Kellan Lutz var på For Joseph Fashion Event* igår kväll. Är jag den ända som tycker Ashleys topp är skitfin? Och Kellan ser ju inte dålig ut han heller *blink blink*
Klicka för stor bild
Ashley, hennes hund och Kellan :)

Se fler bilder här. eller kolla på videon här nere :)

Ashelys nya hund

Ashley Greene har köpt en hund. En väldigt söt en ;)

"She was meant to be mine," gushed the 22-year-old actress, who plays the pixie-like vampire Alice Cullen in the popular series, of her new puppy, Marlow. "I wasn't looking for a dog, and I happened to see her picture online, and I was like, 'I have to have that dog.' " "I'm already so that girl that brings her puppy to an event," Greene admitted to PEOPLE, adding, "I just got her today, and I was like, 'I can't leave her home alone all day!' "

Ashley Greene DogSå sjukt söt :)

Läs hela artikeln här.

Beautiful :D

Detta måste vara den finaste bild på ashley någonsin :)

"Summer's Blood" trailer

Trailern för Summer's Blood med Ashley Greene har släppst. Jag vill verkligen se denna filmen, den verkar helt sjuk xD

Tryck på bilden för att se fler stills från trailern.

Ny photoshoot med Ash :)

Ashley har gjort en ny photoshoot för Wendy Glez, en amerikansk underklädesdesigner, och hon är vackar, som alltid!

Har hon någonson blivit dålig på ett foto??? Checka resten av bilderna på lion_lamb.

Ashleys mamma gillar Jackson xD

Ashley Greene säger i en ny intervju att hon och Jackson Ratbone gillar varandra, men att dom inte har tid att dejta. Och Ashleys mamma ska tydligen ha sagt ‘You should date him'.

"Greene's role in the film may also have found her love -- with her on-screen husband, of all people.

The chemistry between Greene and on-screen partner Jasper Hale (played by best-friend Jackson Rathbone) has lead to rumours the two are dating.

Though Greene is adamant they are not, she admits the only thing keeping them apart is their hectic schedules.

"He and I both don't have time to date, but we do have amazing chemistry," she says.

"We both have such big crushes on each other and it clearly shows. We got along instantly and the day we met, he was teaching me how to swing dance.

"He (Rathbone) does everything. He sings, he dances, and he's so sweet. Even my mum has a crush on him and tells me, 'You should date him'. So, who knows, maybe when we both stop running around the world."

läs hela artikeln här.


Ashley Greene ser fram emot en större roll i New Moon

EntertainmentWise har intervjuat Ashley Greene och hon pratar bland annat om sin lite större roll i New Moon

"Compared to the first film it's a much larger part for me, so yeah I'm excited. "We work long, long days and then get off and go out to eat, or go shopping together, or play music. We all kind of became this close knit family.." Läs hela artikeln här.

Ashley playing Celebrity Fastball

Nått annat, kan va kul att kolla på xD

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