Kristen intervju

 The Dish Rag asked "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart at the "Adventureland" junket about the controversy surrounding Dakota Fanning being cast in "New Moon" and "Eclipse."

Turns out Kristen is big fan of Dakota's work and she's looking forward to working with her.

So there.

"Yeah. I mean, yes, absolutely. She's like ... you know, I've always loved what she's done and she's very ... like controlled and poised ... ummm and then like in terms of her actual work that she makes, it's like always so different and she's gonna rock this ... I mean she ... Talk about a bandit, she's going to have to lose herself in this because it's really like - it's pretty heavy."

Her role is heavy? Or the movie is heavy?

Or the "Twilight" experience is heavy? Or is she talking about their new film, "Runaways?"

Kristen plays '80s punk rocker Joan Jett and Dakota will play her friend Cheri Currie.


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