RPattz intervju

Ny intervju med Robert för The Gaurdian.

But perhaps he's happy with his life and it's just the interviews he hates. He says that when he's doing phone interviews in his hotel room, he sometimes wishes there was a window to jump out of. He's only joking, of course, but it seems that the actual process of acting has got lost in the fog of Hollywood publicity. Sometimes he has fun making things up in interviews. Such as? "I do really intellectually highbrow stuff in my downtime. I read first-edition Shakespeare. I write poetry. I'm trying to get my masters in neuroscience. That's the kind of guy I am." He pauses, clearly amusing himself: "Man, I don't even know what a masters is." And he laughs hysterically as he creates another shape with his hair.

Läs resten här.

Postat av: sara

Förresten jag undra om du vill länka:)?

Jag länkar till din blogg o du till min?

2009-05-03 @ 10:04:58
URL: http://twilightsara.blogg.se/
Postat av: sara

Din är också uppe, den fick heta Cullens:)

2009-05-03 @ 10:21:10
URL: http://twilightsara.blogg.se/

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