How will Taylor Lautner become Jacob Black in New Moon?

"The real challenge, however, now lies in transforming the boy into the man. In the New Moon novel, Jacob Black is struggling with the physical changes in addition to weighty, burdensome internal conflict about what he is becoming. Loyalty and trust are conflicts that Jacob has to endure not only within himself but also with his family and friends. As a teenage boy, Lautner will have to find the balance between adolescence and leadership with Black. While Jacob is extremely protective of Bella, and not for purely platonic reasons, Black also shares a similar conflict with Edward Cullen. Both boys love Bella and vow to protect her no matter the circumstances. Jacob knows that Bella's heart will never belong to him, but his desire to be with her is only paralleled by Bella's need for his friendship and presence to fill the void that Edward has left. Jacob goes from fun-loving friend to a protective quasi-boyfriend."

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Taylor Lautner om peruken

Som vi alla vet så hade Taylor Lautner på sig en peruk i Twilight. Vad vi kanske inte visste var att han tyckte peruken var ivägen hela tiden :)

"When I first heard that I was going to be wearing a wig I was really excited.

"I was like "Cool, I have never worn a wig before, this is going to be fun change my look up a bit."

"But then, after the first day of filming I was through with it. It was really itchy, it was always getting in my face! I'd be trying to eat lunch and it's in my mouth and, yeah, even when were filming the scenes and I'm talking and it's in my mouth and agh! It was quite the adventure with the wig."

He won't be wearing the wig much in New Moon.

Taylor explains: "The good news is when he (Jacob) transforms into a werewolf he cuts the long hair off, so I'd have regular hair."                                                                            ¨                                                                                                                        

Så vilken är bäst, långhårig eller korthårig??


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