Kellan Lutz intervju har intervjuat Kellan som spelar Emmett Cullen i Twilight.

What's it like being involved in such a successful movie such as Twilight, and what were your thoughts when you got the call for the part?

I actually had no idea how huge of a phenomenon Twilight is. When I got the call, I figured I was just doing a vampire movie with one of my friends, Ashley, and I was so wrong. It's been a great experience working with such an amazing cast, and the love from the fans has been very memorable. There have been times that I've gotten teary-eyed at the love I've received, it's indescribable. The fans made this book series and movie the success they are, we wouldn't be where we are without them.

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Postat av: twilightsverige

Jag har en frågestund på min blogg (twilightblogg) men ni får fråga mig precis vad ni vill! :)

Tack ! :)

- TwilightSverige

2009-02-25 @ 02:18:52

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