Från Montepulciano :D


Dakota Fanning i possible Jane Make-up :)


Eftersom jag är lat så orkar jag inte ladda upp alla bilderna, men kolla videon istället :)

New Moon Italiendetaljer

  • First two days will focus on Bella trying to make her way through the throngs of festival revelers to reach Edward. She jumps in the fountain, wades through it, towards him. Of course she makes it in time at which point he pulls her into a building.

    By the way - if you're wondering, yes, they'll be trying to include the "slamming" into his body.

    When they reunite, Bella and Edward do kiss followed by the arrival of Jane and the others.

    They'll also film something from Alice's perspective on these two days. She "sees" Edward sparkling in the sunlight

  • .Some the driving sequences will also go ahead on Tuesday and Wednesday, schedule permitting. .

  • On Thursday they'll be jumping into a hole in the ground. This will likely be Robert Pattinson's final day barring any major delays - heads up to you twi-hards who've made the journey.
  • Friday is more driving and Porsche work.


Längta till filmen....

AnnaLynne säger nått vi inte bryr oss om....


AnnaLynne McCord om varför hon skippade New Moon...

Officiella nyheter om Italienfilmingen

Eagle Pictures har skickat ut ett detta:

  In a few days to complete the cast arrives in Italy to turn Montepulciano two chapters in the book NEW MOON, second episode of the Twilight saga, is set in Volterra. The course will be set blindatissimo.

Tomorrow [today, ndr.] Pattinson flying from Cannes to Rome. Then will drive to Montepulciano. Filming Italian start on set May 26 and end on 29th This is the cast list of a hill

  • Kristen Stewart - Bella
  • Robert Pattinson - Edward
  • Ashley Greene - Alice Cullen
  • Daniel Cudmore - FELIX - Volturi
  • Charlie Bewley - DEMETRA - Volturi
  • Dakota Fanning - JANE - Volturi
  • Chris Weitz - Director

On May 30 there will be in Montepulciano a gathering of all the Italian twilighters, expected more than 5,000 girls. Many are from ‘broad there are those who come even from Japan. There is no longer a free hotel within a radius of 20 km.

Meanwhile, the historic center of Montepulciano is preparing to receive the set.

L ‘Androne Hall Michelozzo attributed to the great Florentine Renaissance architect, and the famous cloister were painted dark red, under the attentive eyes of the technicians and the' administration. For weeks the girls will file photograph in front of the ‘hall.

Piazza Grande was just the fountain described in the book, it is 7 meters long and made of wood and paper.

Mer från Montepulciano


Man längtar ju bara ännu mer när man ser alla bilderna :)

Dubbelt upp!



Ny officiell poster

Vad tycker ni om denna? Snyggare än den andra?

Rödklädda statister i Montepulciano

Statisterna har börjat dyka upp i Montepulciano. Och alla är klädda i rött inför St. Marcus Day Festival i New Moon. Enligt så har dom fått väldigt sträng order....

Each one of them was clad in red. Hoods, robes, t-shirt, caps...everything was red! They couldn't really say anyhing because the producers have told them that if they were caught they would be expelled from the set and nobody wants to lose the chance to be in the movie.

It's said that this afternoon there was a little commotion and they think Robert Pattinson was there, but nobody would say that plainly. There are no pictures of him at the airport because he went out through a side exit allowed to the airport staff only.

Today the porsche crew finished working and, from what we understood, tomorrow Robert Pattinson himself will shoot some scene, maybe something related to Edward's desperation before the Volturi's verdict.

It won't be Kristen Stewart to jump in the fountain but her stunt double, an Italian girl. Right now, Alan Cappelli, the stunt double for Robert Pattinson is waiting in his car to be called to set. We don't know though what scene they'll shoot


SummitEntertainment uppdaterar

SummitentErtainment har uppdaterat, så nu är det New Moon som gäller. Än så länhe kan man inte göra så mkt, bara ladda ner poster och sånt...

Tryck på bilden för att komma till hemsidan :)

Första bilderna :)

Dessa bilderna är även med i veckans nr av Entertainment Weekly..

 EOnline har en video med bilderna. Om du inte kan se det, tryck här.

Melissan Rosenberg om New Moon

Intervju med Melissa Rosenberg Vampires And Slayers.

What would you say is the difference between Bella's relationship with Edward and the one developing between her and Jacob?

Jacob is very much the human 17-year-old, and Edward is the hundred-year-old, and you've got the difference between this guy, Jacob, who's very earthbound and human in his own way. Even the difference between them is physical: one is ice cold and the other is running at 108 degrees temperature at all times. One (Jacob) is very immediate and displays very emotional responses, the other is very cool and thought out, and has been alive for a hundred years, so he doesn't act very impulsively or rashly. With Edward, everything is very thought out and contained and there is an elegance to him and a sophistication to him. So that's a very attractive thing about him, as well as his contained sensuality. Whereas with Jacob there is an abrupt passion bursting out. It is the two sides of all of us in some ways. I think that the choice between the two of them is the otherworldly or the earthly.


En kille som läser har skickat in denna videon av en gul porshe som står i ett område med skyltar där det står "VARNING! FILM SET!"

Det är väl nån gång nu i dagarna som the cast ska till Italien? Har glömt datumen, men om nån av er kan dom lämna gärna en komentar :)

Poll har just nu en poll om Which New Moon Scene Are You Dying to See?

Tryck här för att rösta.

Volterra fontänen byggs just nu :)

Fontänen som Bella springer förbi i Volterra byggs just nu o Montepulciano.


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Den officiella New Moon Postern är här!

Den första postern är här! Tankar? Skitsnygg!

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MTV Movie award- första titten på New Moon

E! har avslöjat att den första titten på New Moon kommer vi att få se på MTV Movie Awards den 31maj. Robert, Kristen och Taylor kommer vara på scenen för att presentera klippet.

"Fans can tune-in to the show to see sneak peeks from three of the most highly anticipated movies of the year," Burnett tells me. "These clips have never been seen before and we're very excited that The Twilight Saga: New Moon is one of them."

Hela New Moon trailern före Band Slam

Det  har ryktats ett tag att hela New Moon trailern kommer visas före filmen Band Slam, som har premiär den 14 augusti. Vet inte om Band Slam kommer visas i Sverige....

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